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Jinnan Wali Dheri

The Department of archaeology and Museum, Government of
pakistan, Ministry of Culture, started the archaeological
excavation and investigation at Jinnan Wali Dheri, in 2002 to
2008.With the financial collaboration of the Embassy of the
United States Of America-islamabad.
Jinnan Wali Dheri (The mound Of jins/spirits) is a Buddsist
Monastic complex belonging 4th to 8th century AD.Jinnan Wali
Dheri is a complex of buildings structures, included, a main
stupa, votive Stupas, an enclosure around the main stupa
provided with chapels facing towards main stupa, two platforms
of rather late period constructed in front of the chapels
situated on the both corners of the eastern wall, an upper
court votive stupa and a monastery/sangharama in the eastern
side of the stupa.